Fundraise for us

As a personal fundraiser for Raleigh Tanzania, your donation can have a direct impact at a project level. Whilst a percentage of the cost to deliver a Raleigh Tanzania project is provided by the fundraising of some Raleigh volunteers, we rely on external funds to contribute the remaining proportion of the costs involved in successfully delivering such projects.

A key element of the Raleigh Tanzania delivery model across all programmes is the inclusion of young people from around the world, including a substantial representation from Tanzania. This provides a huge opportunity to Tanzanian young people to gain new skills, increasing their employability, contribute to the development of their own country at a community level and learn skills and principles that they can take back to their own communities. Alongside the personal gains for the young person, there is a huge impact on our delivery and engagement from the communities. To increase the number of young people we are able to provide this opportunity with, and increase the impact of our work in Tanzania, we are seeking to achieve a one-to-one ratio of international to Tanzanian young person on all programmes. In order to deliver this we rely heavily on external funds.

Based on your particular sustainability interest you can support any number of Raleigh projects. All projects of course contribute to short- and long-term outcomes, but many also produce tangible outputs for the communities we work in which provides good data for reporting. Such tangible outputs include Gravity-Fed Water Systems, Early Childhood Development Centres, School Sanitation Blocks, and Community Learning Centres.