The youth population in Tanzania is growing and it is becoming more important than ever to engage these youth in the development of the country to secure a prosperous future. Raleigh International has over 30 years’ experience of delivering sustainable development programmes through youth. Our work not only engages youth volunteers on the programme but also youth in the communities we work in to participate in sustainable development and learn the importance of sustainable approaches. This also successfully promotes the youth voice in development issues in Tanzania.

The work of Raleigh Tanzania is only possible through collaboration and partnership with the Government of Tanzania (GoT) as well as local and international partner organisations. Since our first programme in early 2013 we have been successfully delivering our projects alongside a number of strategic partners. As our programmes are developing we are always seeking new opportunities to work alongside new partners on strategic and delivery levels.

Raleigh Tanzania works in partnership with the Government of Tanzania, with MOUs at both ministry and district level. Our WaSH work is done in direct partnership with the District Councils of Kongwa (Dodoma) and Mvomero & Kilombero (Morogoro). Our partners on our Livelihoods programme in 2017 were Iringa Rural District Council, Heifer International (East African Dairy Development), Tanzania Forest Conservation Group (TFCG) and Save the Children. TFCG also partnered with us as part of our Natural Resource Management programme. We have a close working relationship with the District Council of Mufindi. We have MOUs with the districts of Kilombero, Kilosa, Kongwa, Iringa DC, and Mvomero.

Current partnerships and networks

Government of Tanzania (The District Councils of Kilombero, Kilosa, Mvomero, Kongwa, Iringa Rural and Mufindi)     

Recent partnerships