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Welcome to Itulike, a village in the Njombe region in south west Tanzania. Here there are 1200 people whose homes are dotted across fertile terrain and forests spread over the hills. As the majority keep wild stock, the village is filled with the sound of chickens, cows and goats wreaking havoc through the maize. It is here where we will be working with the village to facilitate sustainable businesses within the dairy industry.

October 17, 2015

Being the first group of foreigners the community of Ikungula had ever seen the team caused quite a spectacle and attracted a large and mainly child populated audience who either backed away in fear or burst out in hysterical laughter as we tried to communicate with them. It wasn’t long however before they took a liking to us and were talking to Reggie, playing ring-a-roses with Nicola, playing with Lisa’s ball and singing songs with Anna (songs that now echo constantly throughout the village).

October 17, 2015

What is entrepreneurship? An ‘entrepreneur’ is the term given to an individual who is ready and willing to take risks by taking on new challenges and projects in order to achieve an end goal and empower themselves. In order for someone to be a successful entrepreneur, their state of mind must be focused on an end goal. They should be able to push themselves to create, start, transform and build ideas and a business concept. They should be able to adapt to new situations in order to improve their business and have the confidence to assess risk and take action when needed.

October 17, 2015

The end of induction and the moment we have all been waiting for: Project Allocations for Phase One of Expedition. This unvailing announced the moment when each volunteer discovered where they were headed first, which fellow volunteers and which projects they would be involved in until the end of October. Having completed their induction training in practice ‘Delta’ groups, now was the time in which they would be divided into the official ‘Alpha’ groups for Expedition, Phase One.

October 16, 2015

The women of Ibumila village are heavily involved in agricultural production and when our team arrived earlier in the week, we could see the women hard at work in the fields, preparing for the upcoming harvest. They waved at us, “Karibuni” they called. We found out later why we were so warmly welcomed.

October 15, 2015

It can be all too easy to assume harmony is achieved through our alikeness. In our schools, our workplaces, our friendship groups we instinctively seek out ‘similar’ people. But, in truth, none of us are the same. We are painted from different colours, our complex minds are made from differing jigsaw pieces. We have different upbringings, different cultures. And it is these differences that should be sought out and celebrated. They unite us as one team and allow us to grow.

October 15, 2015

The WASH volunteers in Mpangala were eager to get straight to work in their first week, starting by addressing the issues of hygiene, sanitation and hand-washing in their community. After gaining permission from the head teacher of Mpangala Primary School to run a session on hand-washing and sanitation, the team began forming a lesson plan on how to introduce thorough hand washing techniques to the students. The team will focus on the six step hand washing procedure which can help to prevent the spread of infectious disease, which currently cause over 4000 childhood deaths worldwide every day.

October 15, 2015

Roll out the red carpet... our volunteers have arrived! Safe and sound, and raring to go, we have a full house for Expedition 15K.

October 10, 2015

Pre-primary education in Tanzania tend to largely focus on academic skills. This might, at first, seem perfectly reasonable. Education, after all, is paramount. ‘Quality Education’ is Global Goal Number 4. However, there is a cry in Tanzania for a more holistic approach to pre-primary education. Here’s why.

October 8, 2015