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Natalia and I were lucky enough to join Alpha 1 for their final four days of Phase One trek. We quickly discovered that, amongst the hot topics of blisters, backpack weight and cleanliness, there was one overriding, frequently reoccurring topic of conversation: Food, Glorious Food. Chris talks us through his ingenious 'Raleigh Ration' based culinary concoction that Alpha 1 came to love and cherish.

Words by Christopher

November 2, 2015

Phase One now complete, the trekkers of Alpha 1 made a heroic return to WAMO yesterday afternoon. Seventeen days worth of sweat, grime and dust may have sullied their clothes, but they assure me they did change (on the inside at least...) Here they fill us in on life on trek.

Words by Georgia

November 2, 2015

Living in the UK, we don't have the daily concern about where we will get safe drinking water from. How many of us take a fully functional water system for granted?

October 28, 2015

In Tanzania 'Youth' is considered to be anybody aged between 17 and 35. There are many roles for the youths of Endagikot within the local SWASH (Schools, Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) project that we in Alpha 2 are currently working on.

October 26, 2015

Here in rural Lulasi we have the Global Goals in the back of mind in everything we do. One of the 17 global goals is 'Goal 5: Gender Equality'.

Within our entrepreneur programme in Lulasi we are putting a strong focus on gender empowerment amongst women because women play an important role in creating a prosperous and sustainable economy. Every day we are fed by an inspirational woman called Suma; who we affectionately know as 'Lunch Mama'. At 28 she is single-handedly running a successful business whilst also being a single mother to two small children. This goes against the norm in Tanzania whereby the man of the household provides the main income.

October 21, 2015

East African Dairy Development (EADD) initially started their projects in Rwanda, Kenya & Uganda in 2008 and set out to harness the dynamics of the private sector to drive development. Due to its success EADD expanded to include Tanzania in 2012, but as Rwandas dairy industry developed phase two was started in Tanzania and has been working in partnership with Heifer International, Technoserve and Raleigh Tanzania, amongst other partners.

October 21, 2015

Mambo (hello) from Ngoje! Ngoje is a quiet village, consisting of four sub villages, 5km from Matamba in the Njombe region; the community is predominately self-reliant on the agriculture and produce from within Ngoje and its surrounding areas.

October 21, 2015