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Having completed the delivery of our WASH projects in the villages of Ichonde, Katurukila, Matanga and Mvungurumo, our volunteer team reflect on the highlights of the past few months and get ready to start work on other WASH, NRM and Livelihoods projects.

September 11, 2018

“Young people are often undervalued in society in general. However, with a bit of direction and support they can do amazing things. What we have achieved on Raleigh is a perfect example of this. Youth are the future and the importance of this should be acknowledged. Tapping into young people’s skills and ideas will help to make the future bright.” George, Expedition volunteer

September 10, 2018

It has always been a core belief of Raleigh International that youth are the key to lasting change. Made up of alumni from three different countries, we, the Raleigh ExCEL team, are determined to prove it!

September 7, 2018

Raleigh Tanzania are working with local communities to build toilet & sanitation facilities that will help keep young girls in school. What do school teachers think the impact of these improved facilities will be?

August 31, 2018

After completing business and entrepreneurship education programme delivered by Raleigh Tanzania International Citizen Service (ICS) volunteers in 2017, Chrisper John now runs her own hairdressing salon in the village. One year after completing her initial training, Chrisper participated in a second Raleigh-led programme designed to provide follow-up business support to her now well established business. A team of volunteers and Raleigh Tanzania alumni spent a week in Kisanga village working with Chrisper and other local business owners. In meeting Chrisper they met an motivated and successful woman who wants to share her skills with other young women who want to start their own business.

August 29, 2018

Raleigh Tanzania celebrate the young people enhancing each other's skills and support each other's businesses. Our collaborative team of Googlers and Raleigh Tanzania Alumni have done precisely that with a group of exciting young entrepreneurs in rural Tanzania.

August 29, 2018

Earlier this summer six Google employees volunteered on an exciting new digital skills project. The project run by Raleigh Tanzania provided essential follow-up business training to twelve young rural entrepreneurs and innovative digital skills training to twelve young urban entrepreneurs.

August 29, 2018