Karibu Raleigh Tanzania 15Z!

22nd September 2015

Welcome to the new ICS programme blog for Raleigh Tanzania 15Z! From September to December we are running both the ICS WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) and Entrepreneur projects here in Tanzania and the advance team has spent their first week busy getting ready for the arrival of our 26 Team Leaders from across Tanzania and the UK.

The advance team for WASH consists of Deputy Operations Managers Humphrey Shoo and Heleena McCrindle. Humphrey has been with Raleigh for over a year working first as a Team Leader, then Field Support Coordinator and now as a DOM so we are very lucky to be graced with his presence for another programme! Heleena has recently finished the summer programme as a Team Leader on the Entrepreneur project and after a (very short) trip back to the UK is now back and getting into her new role.

For Entrepreneur we have Deputy Operations Managers Emiliana Robert and Niall Edwards. Emmy worked in the same role on the summer programme so will be sharing her experience with Niall who has been with Raleigh Tanzania since January as a Team Leader on the very first Entrepreneur project and after a short trip back home and to Switzerland, has returned to Morogoro, Raleigh Tanzania’s fieldbase.

Country Operations Manager, Hazel Swan, and Country Expedition Manager, Sonal Amin, will be leading this wonderful team for the next 12 weeks alongside other members of the fieldbase team including new recruits Jon and Sam who are the ICS medics for the programme.

Our Team Leaders have arrived safely from the UK and across Tanzania and are currently on their project planning visits meeting the communities they will spend the next ten weeks so stay tuned for their first impressions and who is going where!

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