Fresh energy to drive change at Raleigh Tanzania

11th September 2018

Having completed the delivery of our WASH projects in the villages of Ichonde, Katurukila, Matanga and Mvungurumo, our volunteer team reflect on the highlights of the past few months and get ready to start work on other WASH, NRM and Livelihoods projects.

It is at this time that we say a sad farewell to many of our volunteers and make preparations for a fresh fieldbase team arriving this week.

Over the past few weeks our dedicated volunteers in villages in the disctricts on Kilombero and Kongwa have celebrated the completion of Raleigh WASH projects through exciting Opening Ceremonies. We are very grateful to all of the villages that we have been working in for their steadfast efforts to ensure the success of the projects. We are also grateful to the villages for welcoming our volunteers into their communities and homes.

Raleigh volunteer team with community at school in Mvungurumo, Kongwa

“On one particular day during a project support visit, I had been explaining to our volunteers the importance of making time to be part of the community as well as focusing on the project. Later that afternoon I was outside of our homestay and the Mama of the house was washing clothes and I asked her what grew locally. She disappeared for a minute and returned with a bowl of peanuts. She laughed at me when I was shelling them and very patiently taught me the local technique. We didn’t talk much but smiled together as the sun set in the village. It was the perfect example of what I had been talking about to the volunteers and I realised that I had just taken my own advice.” Tessa, Deputy Operations Manager

Our relationships with community members, key stakeholders and village leaders are particularly important to our work. The projects just wouldn’t be feasible or sustainable without a communities continued cooperation.

Volunteers showing community members and district officials around the new WASH facilities in Mvungurumo, Kongwa

Our staff in Tanzania have been working hard to select the next villages that we will deliver WASH, NRM and Livelihoods programmes in. We will have lots of new faces arriving over the coming weeks with fresh ideas and energy to commence work on our new projects.

All the hard work of our project partners, staff and volunteers over the past few months is truly valued and brings us closer to achieving  the Sustainable Development Goals. Raleigh Tanzania are looking forward to meeting our new volunteers and to continuing our development work through these exciting programmes.


Words by Communications Officer Lou McGowan.

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