Everyone can be a community monitor: Tunu’s story

25th August 2020

Young people living with disability are working in their communities to ensure progress in all aspects of development. Their voices and contribution towards decision making and identifying challenges related to projects through monitoring has given young people the confidence to speak their minds with freedom and transparency.

The Social Accountability through Youth (SAY) project run by Raleigh Tanzania is supporting young people, women and people living with disabilities to be agents of change and take part in community development. We spoke with young disabled people who are community monitors. They shared some of their experiences of working in the communities, and how they find engaging with their fellow community members.

Meet Tunu, a community monitor from Mkono wa Mara in rural Morogoro. She has been volunteering with Raleigh Tanzania on the SAY project, monitoring a Shahidi wa Maji project which is called ‘Uhakika wa Maji’. This project aims to advocate for proper water resources management in the community. Tunu is part of the Joint Working Group where she shares challenges about water resources in her community after monitoring the project. Tunu and her colleague have voiced their ideas in meetings which have successfully resolved challenges, see [Fix Rate].

“I am happy that I can contribute my ideas and make a difference in my community. Living with disabilities doesn’t mean I cannot get involved and talk about issues concerning my community. I am a mother of one daughter and as a young person, I am proud of what I am doing for my community. Community leaders in Mkono wa Mara are supportive and I am happy that we are working together to resolve issues’’. – Tunu – Community Monitor from Mkono wa Mara, Morogoro

SAY has rolled out a campaign with the hashtag #Nawajibika to get more people involved in monitoring the projects delivered in their communities. SAY has created a Facebook Group that will give the opportunity to everyone to share ideas, and engage in learning how Community Integrity Building Model (CIB) works as a social mechanism.

The SAY project is delivered by Raleigh Tanzania in partnership with Integrity Action and is funded by a four-year grant from UK Aid Direct. Do you want to learn more about Social Accountability and CIB approach? Do you want to be involved in project monitoring and establishing a Joint Working Group? Please download a free toolkit from Raleigh Tanzania.

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