Ensuring sustainability of wash facilities through school management committees in Kongwa district

25th September 2019

A school committee is a group of elected members that includes of both parents and teachers as the community representatives responsible for strengthening School governance, managing and overseeing the school management and to provide them with the community support. Raleigh Tanzania has been working in collaboration with Local Government Authority (LGA)and school management committees since 2016 delivering WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) project in Kongwa District, Dodoma Region in Tanzania. So far, In Kongwa District we have worked in 13 different communities to ensure proper sanitation in primary schools.

Through young people, Raleigh Tanzania managed to bring change on sanitation and hygiene in 13 Primary Schools by constructing 27 sanitation blocks and 13 handwashing stations. Those sanitation blocks included latrines for pupils with special needs, menstrual-hygiene block for girls, urinary for boys and teachers’ latrines. We have worked in Chimalata, Mageseni, Msunjulile, Mtunguchole, Makawa, Mvungurumo, Mlanje, Sejeli, Mlanga, Pingalame, Chang’ombe, Norini and Majawanga.

After finalizing the project, we insisted that it is important for school management committees to take full ownership on the sanitation blocks for its sustainability. On 17th September 2019 we held a school management committee learning conference as the second conference for Raleigh Tanzania but first in Kongwa District that gives an opportunity for Raleigh Tanzania to increase awareness among the school committee members towards their responsibilities increase the effectiveness of school committee to maintain the sustainability of WASH facilities in Kongwa District.

“The school committee has a great opportunity to be a catalyst for change by properly managing various school development projects” Emanuel Sanga Factory- Technical Education Officer, Kongwa

Technical Education Officer Kongwa- Mr.Emmanuel

This was also an opportunity for the school management committee members under the facilitation of Raleigh Tanzania to discuss of their responsibilities as part of the committee. Mr.Obed ngolle, the Youth Officer(YO) in Kongwa insisted on that by saying “we were lucky enough to have youth from Raleigh Tanzania who participated in a big part to bring change in our communities, let us not disappoint them by being irresponsible. And we should first start asking ourselves are we responsible to our duties before pointing fingers on anyone else, as school committee I think we should be acting as an example for the whole society in making sure of the sustainability of different projects.

Kongwa Youth Officer – Mr.Obed Ngolle

The discussion focused on school committee responsibilities, Raleigh’s expectation on them and government roles and responsibilities for the school committees. Also, Raleigh Tanzania project officer Ms. Scholastica Mbilinyi reminded teachers and parents to include students in decision making that touch sanitation directly so that to impact positivity in them and make them take initiative to their action on how they treat sanitation blocks in their schools.
The conference was pivotal because after discussing of the responsibilities of both sides, it was a good opportunity for the school committee members from 13 different schools to discuss of the challenges they are facing at the moment and share possible solutions towards those challenges, which at the end it gave them a room to bring the sustainability channel of the WASH facilities in Kongwa.

Raleigh Tanzania has been working with young people to bring sustainable change in rural communities of Tanzania since 2013. We are forever grateful to the Kongwa community and look forward to seeing the sustainability of WASH facilities in Kongwa District, Dodoma Region and continue partnering with the community members, school management committees, project partners, government authority and engineers so that the WASH facilities can save more children in future.

Written by: Alice N.

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