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Buildbase / Hirebase Nyamwezi project triumph

18th December 2017

Expedition Alpha 2 team have been working on the school water, sanitation and hygiene (SWASH) project at Nanenane school in Nyamwezi, funded by Buildbase / Hirebase, over the course of three phases this cycle. Besides the construction of new toilet blocks, handwashing station and menstrual hygiene management (MHM) room, Alpha 2 two have also delivered SWASH and MHM lessons for the students at Nanenane. All facilities now constructed, we report on the final stages and the team that contributed to the success.

With the support of local partner and District Education Officer Samwel, the Alpha 2 team continued to give the construction the final push to finish this cycle. At the start of Phase 3, the toilet block walls were plastered and next on the agenda was the handwashing station followed by painting the handwashing murals and fitting the toilet doors for privacy, a crucial aspect of what the project sought to achieve. Samwel highlighted the contribution of volunteers in Nyamwezi, “It was good and effective working with Raleigh they are very good in helping communities. And the sense of having the mixture of national and international volunteers living in homestays, makes the communities be flexible and learn from each other.” The integration and subsequent building of relationships with the community, aided by mobilisation meetings with various groups in Nyamwezi, had a significant impact on community members joining volunteers in the construction, learning and achieving goals together.

Community and volunteers working together at the Nanenane project site, Nyamwezi.

Community member Daniel, enforce the success of the collaboration, “The project is really good, and it has been the answer to their main concern of not having appropriate toilets. There has been a good relationship between the project and the school, who have been working very effectively with the volunteers.” Additionally, the contribution to WASH teaching and implementation of a SWASH club composed of Nanenane students not only enhanced hygiene practices at the school, but signs of practices extending to the community have been observed. At Alpha 2 action days, the volunteers witnessed the six stages of handwashing being displayed by everyone students and adults alike. These events proved highly productive, as community members not only expressed delight at seeing children engaged in the topic but also vowed to spread it through the village.

Nanenane primary school students using the newly built handwashing station, Nyamwezi.


Handwashing with Alpha 2 volunteers Christopher and Gustave at Nanenane primary school, Nyamwezi.

As they left the project, filled with hope and belief in the maintenance of the new hygiene facilities and the upholding of WASH values taught over three phases, Alpha 2 shared final thoughts:

“My work with Raleigh has not only taught me a lot about construction work and teaching, it has been enormously encouraging to see the engagement of the local community and to see the work completed as well.” -Willeke

“Working with Raleigh has exposed me to understand my strengths and weaknesses and also to do what I thought I was not capable of.” – Abu

“Volunteering with Raleigh exposed me in great life experiences, working with people from another culture seemed challenging at first but when you think of how much you can achieve together it’s worth challenging yourself.”  – Gustave

“My work with Raleigh was giving me a lot of experiences in terms of skills, communication, and relations helping to raise my awareness, skills and relations to other volunteers. This also helped me to know my strengths and weaknesses through teamwork and communicating with the community.”  – Christopher


A final acknowledgement goes to UK company Buildbase / Hirebase, supporting Raleigh and being the salient contributor to the completion of this project. It is because of commitment such as this that Raleigh can continue to deliver its mission of a lasting, sustainable change at the heart of communities and the youth that incorporate the framework of the future.


Words by Miguel. Images by Sean.

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