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17Y WASH (Water, Sanitation & Hygiene) allocations

10th October 2017

WASH group allocations have been announced! The teams will travel to rural villages in districts such as Kongwa and Kilombero, to raise awareness in communities about the importance of hand washing. They will also be partnering up with local district officials and assist in the construction of new sanitation blocks and gender specific toilets. WASH is very much driven by reaching out to school children who will carry forward the knowledge and inspiration to create the lasting change in their communities, encouraging preservation of health by promoting access to clean sanitation. This happens in the form of SWASH (School WASH) clubs which you will hear about at a later stage. For now, here are the teams:

Charlie 1 – Mkindo, Kongwa

(from top left) Emily, Hannah, Hafidhu, Eliot, Laurent, Zoe, Wilfred, Barbora, Kakarabo, Letica; (from bottom left) Kelvin, Dan, Regina, Manuela, Melissa.

Charlie 2 – Magaseni, Kongwa

(from top left) Gemma, Stephania, Daisy, Wilson, Rachael, Gerard, Barnabas, Edward, Adi, Polly; (from bottom left) Bethany, Shaibu, Jimmy, Rose, Erica.


Charlie 3 – Sejeli, Kongwa

(from top left) Emiliana, Kerris, Charly, William, Eleri, Lauren, Agustina, Maxwell, Nickson, Kate, Florah, Kevin; (bottom) Ella, Michael.


Charlie 4 – Mgudeni, Kilombero

(from left) Catherine, Alex, Jessica W, Max, Rajabu, Clinton, Jessica H, Matthew, Eliva, Megan, Jaskirat, George, Evarist, Mariam, Rebecca.


Charlie 5 – Bwawani, Kilombero

(from left) Rosada, Dean, Vestina, Kim, Amy, Callum, Ciaran, Rhys, Ally, Rhona, Adelle, Jamey, Sadick, Ellie, Ahmeleki, Schola.


Charlie 6 – Msunjilile, Dodoma

(from left) Mohammad, Kate, Donald, Charlie, Oakley, Harry, Kyron, Carys, Mussa, Deborah, Nuru, Kipenda, Amber, Glory.


Deployment to village is fast approaching for the teams, who have only a few days to prepare for meeting their communities and homestay families.

A blog post covering their departure will be posted in the next few days followed by initial reactions to villages!

Asante sana!


Words by Miguel. Images by Paul, Miguel and Alfie.








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