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17Y ICS volunteer teams deploy!

12th October 2017

An intense period of induction finished, the volunteers and team leaders, of both Livelihoods and WASH programs have finally deployed to villages across rural Tanzania. Inevitably, the groups bonded over the induction period and heartfelt goodbyes were heard around the Raleigh training centres that had brought them together. Nevertheless, with a clear picture of duty at the forefront of their minds, they looked forward to the challenges that await and the potential of development said challenges can offer them and the communities they will be working with.

As the volunteers lined up for an early breakfast, six coaches lined up near the entrance of the compound; these were there to transport each group to their respective villages. The reality sunk in that the groups would no longer be together for many weeks and they said their goodbyes with hugs and photos to mark the occasion, wishing good fortune to their fellow volunteers and the work that awaited them.


Solidarity amongst fellow volunteers, before embarking on projects.


Once rucksacks were loaded and volunteers stepped into the coaches, adventure loomed, and smiles and cheers emerged. For some, it was the first time away from home, and the relationships cultivated will be important when facing the challenges that lie ahead. Their courage to step into the unknown, paired with the passion for change on a global level, will ensure they develop even more relationships with the communities they will be working with over the next ten weeks. Jimmy from Charlie 2, reflected on this idea, “I enjoyed the last five days training and meeting the international volunteers. I’m now looking forward to meeting the community and working with them, as that’s the most important thing.”


Volunteers board the coaches that will take them to their new homes.


Also, worth noting the appreciation the volunteers expressed for the support and contribution of their DOMs (Deputy Operations Managers), who worked tirelessly over the induction, facilitating and delivering sessions that ensured maximum preparation for deployment into the rural communities in Tanzania. Some of their names were even chanted in gratitude, during the previous evening. The DOMs will continue to check in on all groups daily, helping them with planning action days and lessons plans, as well as often going out on Project Support Visits to the villages.

This is marks the beginning of the principal objective of Raleigh ICS; our volunteers will travel far, to places where they will be the heart of the change they have been recruited to instil, working together to impart a culture of personal and sustainable development. It is imperative to this cause that they work in conjunction, as they have the responsibility to present an image of unification as agents of change, inspiring others to follow suit. We admire and salute you all for your efforts and very much look forward to hearing the many stories along the way.


Until then, bahati njema! Expect first updates from villages next week!

Challenge yourself to change your world.


Words and images by Miguel.


If you would like to contact a volunteer, please follow this link here.

Correspondence will be printed or handed to volunteers either during project support visits or phase reviews.

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