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Pius Matunge

Raleigh alumnus and active member of the Raleigh Tanzania Society, Pius Matunge has recently won a grant worth 11,000,000 shillings (5000 USD) from the Diplomatic Spouses Group to Tanzania (DSG). Awarded to his organisation, Tengeneza Generation (TEG), the grant enabled Pius to purchase and donate an Everest V5 Braille printer to Uhuru Mchanganyiko Primary School in Dar es Salaam.
Words by Kennedy Mmari

July 27, 2017
Tanzania Society
Group photo

Each year July 15th marks World Youth Skills Day. World Youth Skills Day was established by the United Nations (UN) General Assembly on 11 November 2014. The Assembly designated 15th July as the World Youth Skills Day in order to raise awareness about the importance of investing in youth skills development.
Words by Kennedy Mmari.

July 16, 2017
Tanzania Society

Kupata mitaji ya kuanzisha biashara ndogondogo na za kati bado ni changamoto kubwa kwa vijana wengi wa kitanzania pamoja na maendeleo katika sekta ya fedha katika miaka ya hivi karibuni. Hii ni kwasababu taasisi za kifedha ambazo zilipaswa kuwakopesha vijana kuanzisha biashara zinataka dhamana na mara nyingi hukumbana na masharti na vigezo ambavyo ni vigumu kufikia.

Na Kennedy Mmari.

July 15, 2017
Tanzania Society
Hermes at his Greenhouse farm in Morogoro

Access to start-up capital is still out of reach for many young people in Tanzania who want to start small and mid-size businesses. Despite recent progress in the financial sector, accessing capital remains a key challenge. This is because the institutions that should support entrepreneurs require collateral. In many cases one would have to over-secure their loans, the demands of which many young people cannot meet.

Report by Kennedy Mmari

July 15, 2017
Tanzania Society
Raleigh Tanzania Society members in action with school children

An initiative aimed at reversing deforestation in Tanzania was launched in late 2016 by a committed Raleigh Tanzania alumni. The #50milliontrees campaign, part of the Youth for green Growth project, was led by the Raleigh Tanzania Society. Recently formed regional groups of alumni across the country have partnered with local communities, NGOs and government, and has planted more than 40000 trees so far.

Report by Kennedy Mmari.

May 17, 2017