Our people

As well as our essential and dedicated non-permanent volunteer staff, Raleigh Tanzania has an in-country team based at our Fieldbase in Morogoro. They work hard to make sure that our projects run smoothly, right from the initial planning stages to their evaluation.

Director & Finance Team

Alistair Mackay, Country Director

Welhard Mgaya, Finance Manager

Gladness Christopher, Finance Officer

Felista Shayo, Finance Officer

Youth Development Team

Gerald Elias, Youth Development Officer

Sia Roberts, Youth Development Officer

Programmes Team

Tunukiwa Daudi, Programme Manager

Hassan Msuya, Expedition and ICS Project Manager

Nuru Kamungu, Project Administration Officer

Jonathan Ngonyan, Livelihoods Project Officer

Scholastica Mbilinyi, WASH Project Officer

Augustino Dickson, MEAL + Y4SL Project Officer

Lisa Mungure, SAY Project Coordinator

Pete Lazaro, SAY Communications & Campaign Project Officer

Onesmo Joel, SAY Project Officer

Lutimo Pazza, SAY Project Officer

John Emmanuel, SAY Project Officer

Frank Jackson, Programme Development Officer

Operations Team

Vanessa Targett, Director of Operations

Laurence Lukatenga, Operations Manager

Ffion Chambers, Operations Manager

Marie Kwirine, Operations Coordinator

Glory Mbwambo, Operations Coordinator

Gwakisa Makaranga, Operations Coordinator

Alice Msangira, Communications Officer

Edson Majiliwe, Transport & Logistics Manager

Kevin Mwihava, Transport, Logistics & IT Officer

Veronica Mhagama, Cook

Hendrick Magome, Driver

Luis Daniel, Driver

Francisco Bgoya, Driver